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n., the tail on a cat, dog, or any other animal whose anus is located just under the spot where the tail connects to the body. The term comes from the story of Jed Angus, who discovered that when he raised and lowered the tail of his pet dog (as if using a crank), poop came out.
Dude, my cat keeps walking around with his shit crank up in the air, so everyone can see his shit hole!
by Acting Jack February 07, 2008
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Being shallow and pathetic and living your life at the lowest level of ball-sucking that even i think your a fag. Basically, if you suck at life and are a terrible human and are completely fake, you are shitcrank. Also if you are seriously annoying.
Example 1:
Emmy: "I hate that girl Janice, boy is she shitcrank like no other. Its like she has no personality of her own!"

Maggie: "Amen to that, sister!"
Example 2:
Isabelle: "like, omg i asked my mom ? she said its okay to go be a ditz and bug people ?"
The World: " I hate you, you shitcrank bitch."
by southland82 July 22, 2009
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