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One who is such an annoyance, they will actually take your excrement from the bowl itself, and flex it into an unpleasant shape in order to annoy your personage.
That guy is a total shit bender. He bent my shit, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!
by I_AM_D July 04, 2008
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Someone who magically bends turds. When you go into a washroom and there is shit plastered to the the back of the toilet seat. The last shit bender has struck again. They must be like the highlander except: "in the end there can only be number 2!" Shit is only naturally meant to go down with gravity not up and sideways The Shit Bender is the arch enemy of the plumber fore they destroy the law of plumbing: "Shit flows downhill and payday is on Friday"
Some Shit Bender ruined the toilet again, I used it anyway, I'm glad I'm not a cleaning lady.
by The Shit Savant November 20, 2017
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