the act of wearing only a t-shirt and no bottoms, thus exposing ones cock
When I went to burning man, I noticed a lot of people from the Meghan's Law website shirt cocking around me.
by Mr. Liquor Face October 12, 2010
Men who go about their day with a shirt on, but no pants or underwear.

"Cocking" can be used with other terms. Example: Cowl Cocking, when a man wears only a super heros cowl, much like Batmans cowl, but no pants or underwear.
Look at that dude, he's totally shirt cocking.
by -Cylon- September 13, 2006
The act of wearing only a T-Shirt but no pants.
“I went to the Phish show in Phoenix last night. Man. It was insane!! I lost my phone. We were forced to hang out in a neighborhood referred to as the Icebox by the locals. Dead people on the roof of Burger King. It was a whole thing. Just when I thought the worst was over, I awoke shirt cocking in a room full of men. See you next time Phoenix. This time I’ll have a belt”
by BmoreBird June 17, 2022
1. the act of two men sword fighting with their dicks while only wearing a shirt. 2. the preferred way for Scientologist to boost their Thetan level.
"Lord Xenu froze the aliens and dropped them into the Hawaiian volcano's because of the excessive shirt cock sword fighting!"
"We all shit ourselves when we saw two Mormon Missionaries jump off their bikes, partially undress & start shirt cock sword fighting to see who gets to ring the next doorbell."
"John Travolta was recently seen shirt cock sword fighting Tom Cruise for a parking space at the Scientology Center in Hollywood."
by Snifner October 9, 2006
when a dude gets nervous around a girl and tries to be cool. then nervously tugs his shirt. (chick chick)
man did u totally see him shirt cock as soon as she came in the room?
by dudeman99 January 24, 2011