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The aggregate particles composing the top layer of fiberglass/asphalt shingles used for pitched roofing, which eventually detach and end up in the rain gutters.
When I cleaned out my rain gutters last weekend they were were full of wet leaves and shingleberries. It was a mess!
by James Cox December 09, 2006
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A Shingleberry is similar to its cousin the dingleberry, however instead of it consisting of faecal matter, it is composed of semen which attaches to a man's pubic jungle. This berry is extremely hard to remove and must be yanked away at the expense of a mans scream.
Did you get a Shingleberry from sleeping in your semen again?
by CobberDingo July 11, 2018
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the ceramic granules that fall off of asphalt shingles.
I just got a mouth full of shingle berries.

When your stripping a shingle roof sometimes shingle berries get in your mouth.

when your walking on a shingle roof the shingle berries can be slippery.
by spydirman70 January 12, 2012
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