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When you start watching a new show with someone and promise to watch the rest together, but then secretly watch it without them.
We were suppose to watch stranger things together but he sherved me and watched it alone.

Don't you dare sherv me and watch Westworld while I'm on vacation.
by Adam Stone November 30, 2016
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this guy thats hot as hell! AKA Shezza, Shervie G and SEXMENOW hahaha not really, all i gotta say is that anyone whos not a sherv wishes they was!
im so horny.... ahh damn it i wish sherv was here! ding dong, someone at the door? omg its sherv, take ur pants off NOW... oh yess ahhh yehhh oooohh
by lang May 22, 2004
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From: Shervin

1. Thinking you know boats when, in fact, it's entirely possible you've never even seen one float.
2. Thinking you are awesome when it's quite obvious to everyone else on the planet you are not.
3. Generally being a clueless wanker.
Guy 1: 'Dude! You should see the totally cool conical exhaust I made for my Ninja on the weekend... all I used was tin snips, rivets and some light sheet... my bike is totally way wicked now... it's killer loud and massively faster than stock!!'

Guy 2: Sherv.
by trenchtractor July 15, 2009
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