heroine is derived from the word hero and is hence, un-PC. This requires a new word, shero, a feminist backlash to the traditional heroine, that encompasses a strong woman who was accomplished great things at epic proportions.
Joan of Arc, who burned to death at the stake, was a shero before her time.
by Elisabeth February 15, 2004
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a hero such as a woman that helps in many women issues.
Fannie Lou Hamer is a famous shero.
by jaheim wilder December 12, 2015
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Sheroes relates to a group of individuals who perform spectacular feats within schools and is short for School Heroes.
Coming from the books series written by young author Albert Appleton.
The sheroes saved the day once again!
by Jonathon Skylark June 28, 2009
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A Stand alone word meaning, "Bringer of Destruction", but could also be used as a name. "Shero" meaning Destruction, starting from it's roots as a kid who was young, wanted to bring the world together. But then after a tragedy occurred, his feelings turned dark and brought destruction every where he went. The people with the name Shero ( Ultra Super Rare Name By the Way ) are usually doomed and will have a horrible future awaiting them.
Example 1:
Guy 1: Why are you doing this?
Guy 2: Because i will bring 'Shero' to this world, and destroy the world with it! i shall bring Destruction to it's place!

Example 2:
Guy 1: Stop it Shero! This isn't you!
Shero: my name means Destruction, and people who's name are Shero are bound to create havoc in this world, im just following my destiny.
by Melody Artz December 21, 2013
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