The Sherlock fandom is one of the holy trinities of the fandoms on tumbler; the fandom contains an assortment of high functioning sociopaths who because of their “issue” with episodes have been left in a bored mess. The fandom is one of the most clever fandoms you can come across.
by Ordinarily ceased January 4, 2018
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The Sherlock Fandom is possibly --no, certainly-- the crackiest fandom ever to exist. They can take anything (be it a shirt, tea mugs, an umbrella, or the characters themselves) from the show or the show's set and make it into a huge joke.

The members of this fandom are extremely close, to the point where they can complete each others thoughts and know everything there is to know about each other. They are extremely loud, though in a very good way.
They also refer to the writer of the show, Mark Gatiss, as "Godtiss", as they view him as a God.

The Sherlock Fandom is reportedly the first fandom to "break the 4th wall", meaning the actors of the show know of the fandom (and the porn). Martin Freeman was the first to acknowledge it, after he held up a sign reading "Te Quiero Jan y Rosalia", directed towards the admins of a Martin Freeman Sexual Frustration blog. The actors now enjoy trolling the fandom and tricking them.
Sherlock Fan: Tell us about Rupert Graves
Average Person: Ugh. The Sherlock Fandom is so stupid.


Fan A: Have you seen The Great Game?
Fan B: Oh my god yes. THE PURPLE SHIRT OF SEX.
by sophiethepantrydweller August 10, 2011
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Home of the Sherlock Fandom. Recently after the heartbreaking episode Reichenbach Fall, the Sherlock Fandom took refuge on this website, omegle. If you go to and answer/ask questions for a bit you will see quite a few of the 'Sherlockians' You can tell it's them by the following:

1. They tend to RP on omegle and will add initials of sherlock characters such as -SH, -JM, -JW, -MH, -GL and so on.

2. Their jokes; Not my division, I will make you into shoes, the bee gees, I will sssssskin you, shock blankets, Sherlocked, let's have dinner. (Also, let it be known that Molly is a BAMF)

3. Their ships, the most popular being Sherlock/John others include; John/jam, Mycroft/Lestrade, Molly/Lestrade, Jim/Sebastian, Mycroft/umbrella, Anderson/dinosaurs and pretty much anyone/anything even if the two people have never met or even exist in different universes.

4. Calling these ships gay in most cases is not an insult (nor should it be in any case in any social situation) in fact, the Sherlockians will call their ships gay as a boast and will respond to your 'insults' with, in a Moriarty impression, "That is rather the point."

5. Most RPs recently have been reunions of Sherlock and John, John thinking that Sherlock was dead and all (SPOILERS) and also, let's not forget, Jim and Seb's reunion.

6. Lestrade's divisions are nonexistent, unless its Molly or Mycroft.

Be patient with us ordinary people of omegle. We are a grieving fandom..
Question to discuss:
Excuse me I'm looking for my division...-GL

Stranger 2: Right here. -MH
Stranger 1: The sherlockians are invading Omegle!
Stranger 2: Let it be known, omegle is now the home of the sherlock fandom!
by Shershocked January 24, 2012
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