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Sherae sher-ae as a name for girls is an Aramaic name, and the meaning of Sherae is "brightness; light". Sherae is an alternate form of Shera (Aramaic). Sherae is also a variation of Sherry (English, French).
As unique as her name, something else for sure. She's a stone cold stunner! A woman so beautiful, you would think she belongs in a magazine. She's a people pleaser, and the man she's with, if the right one, will be pleased everyday. She will live to make you happy, for your happiness is her happiness. The love she gives is one of a kind but if you treat her wrong, you'll know it! They're extremely rare, so if found, hold on to her like she's a holographic Charizard card!
by G_Rae December 21, 2016
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