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Possibly the most gorgeous girl on the planet. Sexy. Loves art and dancing, and is a GREAT friend to everyone. She can seem sweet in the outside, but get on her bad side and see what a real devil she is hiding. She is spicy and sweet, very cheeky and sarcastic. An all around perfect girl.
Dude, I totally had a shera last night!
by aliengirl22 December 18, 2010
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The princess of power. A cartoon from the 80's. She-ra was he-man's sister. She had long hair and wore boots and could do magical spells.
I love she-ra. She's cool.
by catra May 28, 2008
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Shera can be 2 people at the same time she can be so sweet and her smile can light up a room, but she can also be a bitch who will back stab you and leave you for the better option, shera will pretend that everything is ok yet still talk behind your back she is boy crazy and will dump you for her drug dealing,sad, and annoying boyfriend she is also a spoiled white bitch who think the whole world revolves around her and if you give her , her own medicine she will fucking freak.....bottome line is she is the Regina gorge of the real world
When someone is a bitch you would say
"God damnit that bitch pulled a fucking shera!"
by The real tea May 30, 2018
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A person who has grown up in a pretty rough area.
"His mum and ms.brown chatted how he had grown up in the scrub
And with all the shera's he had it pretty rough."
by Joe de kock December 01, 2006
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