S.H.Email - Sexy, Hot, Email

An email sent with the intention to get the recipiant all hot and horny to the point of desiring to have sex with the email sender.
"Last night I sent out three shemails and I got a hit on every one of them."

"Hey babe, let's get it on tonight, where do you want to meet?"

shemails often includes explicit text inappropriate for public internet viewing by minors....you know what I mean.
by wheezil September 01, 2007
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When a guy's mailbox gets filled with ads and coupons from places like Victoria Secret, Jenny Craig, Curves, and other feminine advertisement.
I been waiting for my Sport's Illistrated magazines to come, instead my mailbox has been packed with shemail.
by all sportsman January 03, 2010
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word meaning exactly the same as the word 'email' (a system of exchanging messages by means of computers attached to a network), but given a comical effect by sounding the same as the word 'shemale' (male to female transgender or transsexual person who has female breasts, through hormone replacement therapy and/or breast augmentation and usually other female secondary sex characteristics, but who has not undergone genital reassignment surgery).

I'll send you a sh'email!
I'll just check my sh'emails!
Sh'email me!
by Steven Bee February 27, 2006
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