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The device that sea creatures use to communicate long distances.

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O.E. sciell, scill, Anglian scell "seashell, eggshell," related to O.E. scealu "shell, husk," from P.Gmc. *skaljo "divide, separate" (cf. W.Fris. skyl "peel, rind," M.L.G. schelle "pod, rind, egg shell," Goth. skalja "tile"), with the notion of "covering that splits off," from PIE base *(s)kel- "to cut, cleave" (cf. O.C.S. skolika "shell," Rus. skala "bark").

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1884, shortening of telephone. The verb is attested from 1889, from the noun. Phone book first recorded 1925; phone booth 1927.
Crab: "I wish I could talk to Dolphin but he's visiting the Atlantic Ocean."
Fish: "Here just call him on my shellphone!"
Crab: "Thanks!"
by Scrat2o2 November 15, 2011
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