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A recently popular troll in the GD, occasionally flirting with hot guys, but mostly calling everyone else names.
It has incredibly low self-esteem, despite what it says, and will get even more hostile if you question it's self-worth.
The shellmac often gets itself banned, and makes duplicate versions (Shellmac v17, v18, etc)
The best course of action when being trolled by shellmac is to ignore it, like any other troll. If the shellmac flirts with you, insult it. Eventually it's self-esteem will get so low, it will give up and kill itself.
Gaian: "Agh, I hate Shellmac so much, she called me fat!"
Shellmac: "You are fat. And you don't hate me, you're just jealous of me because I'm more popular than you."

Poster1: "Bitch. You're just jealous of me."
Poster2: "Don't be such a shellmac."
by 547URD4Y October 03, 2010
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Shellmac, the Lively Captain cruises around filling himself up with marijuana and leaving a fine resin behind. He is the grandest bubbler in the world, he is also the finest man in The Shire. A true player who creates pure joy from Cannabis Sativa.
Shellmac created feelings of joy through his bubbling ways.
by DoctorFunkenstein June 20, 2004
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