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Sheliah a great friend that will help you out in a tough situation. When Sheliah loves she will do anything for her loved ones . A reliable friend that you can tell any secret. Sheliah is very jealous when it comes to her lover though.
Sheliah can you help me with the homework ?

Yes I have the answers
by People person December 22, 2013
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An absolute psychotic, good at all forms of martial arts and very violent. She can kick Chuck Norris' ass and has an addiction to coffee (black, like how she takes her women), reading, warm weather, sarcasm, and antisocial behavior. Usually deep sleepers, Sheliahs are notorious for their excellent reflexes and snarky comments. Never wake a sleeping Sheliah, or you risk dismemberment.
Hey is that Sheliah?
Holy fuck! RUN!
by Pzazz Injyles September 15, 2016
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