Noun - A non-sexual relationship between two straight females. Generally involving gabbing, talking, whispering, sharing secrets, giggling, expression of feelings, shopping, and copious discussion of shoes and clothes.

Shelationship is the antonym of "bromance". Where a bromance involves two men doing all sorts of cool manly things together, like fighting bulls, shooting crossbows, and shaving mohawks, a shelationship has none of that. Instead it has close bonding, and possibly a Sandra Bullock movie.

Provenance/Origin: "shelationship" is a portmanteau of the two words "she" and "relationship".
John "Hey Steve, can you get away from Julie this weekend for some spearfishing?"

Steve "Totally! Julie is in a serious shelationship with that girl Brenda, and they are going to be scrapbooking all weekend. After we're done, let's go skydiving."

John "Awesome!"
by MC A.G. August 6, 2010