this word, not the more known "shiza" is german for shit.
It's not terribly strong, and one will often find little german children running around screaming Scheisse! Scheisse! More effective Is:
"Fick dich ins Knie du Arschloch"
Or simply "Fick dich", meaning fuck you
also spelled: Scheiße
by got_human? February 18, 2005
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1) Noun. Americanized version of the German word Scheiße (also: Scheisse) meaning shit (respectively shite/shyte in the UK and Ireland). Slightly less offensive in German than "shit" in American English, though definitely not ok for children or polite conversation.
Used as a plain noun or exclamation.

2) Compound form: sheiss ___ (originally Scheiß-/Scheiss-)
Used as part of an offense/pejorative term or just as an emphasis like "fucking ___". Works with nouns and adjectives.

3) Agent: sheisser (Scheißer/Scheisser)
Used as a pejorative term for a person, comparable to "fuckhead" or "damn jerk".

4) Adjective: sheisse (scheiße/scheisse; also: beschissen)
Used to describe stuff that's broken or just crap. Much handier in English than in German where you have to decline basically everything.

5) Verb: sheissen (scheißen/scheissen)
Never used unless you are really desperate to appear cool.
1) This software is complete sheisse!

Sheisse! I forgot my keys at home.

2) I'm already late and my sheiss car won't work!

Man, it's so sheiss cold today!

3) I asked my best friend to look after my girlfriend while I'm abroad and this sheisser fucked her almost the moment i was gone!

4) This TV-show is so sheisse I can't take it anymore!

5) N/A
by h_k_ May 12, 2009
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the german word for shit. not considered as bad as it is in the states, little kids will say it freely and never get in trouble. one of the most commonly heard words in the german language.
ich muss die fische ficken... ohhh sheisse!
(translation: i must fuck the fish... ohhh shit!)
by b-low July 26, 2006
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