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Another word for masturbation. It is a new 2010 ghetto customary term that niggas use when they get horny and wanna beat meat. Otherwise, it means to wank off so hard that skin starts to peel off and will temporary render your package unusable. It can also be used in many different forms, thus making the term universal. Examples --->
1: "Man that big booty girl had a ass on her and a pretty face too" 2: "Did you get on?" 1: "Hell naw i didn't. She was a groupie." 2: "What's up for grabs now nigga?" 1: "I'm thinkin about shedding my snake. If you wanna help me shed a snake then be my guest nigga" If you got a pint-sized wee-wee then say "worm" or "caterpillar" instead of "snake". But if you got that Teddy Roosevelt Big Stick then use the term "anaconda" or "python", whichever suits you best. --> "Man i just caught Ron Jeremy and Kanye West sheddin skin in the public bathroom. One was sheddin a maggot while another was sheddin a boa constrictor." It rattled my snakes!
by ogdajuiceman June 05, 2010
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