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A mullet on a woman. Found primarily in trailer parks and Wal Marts. Specimens are known to breed young mullet bearers (see also mullet farmer) and are commonly found toothless and shoeless. Also known as the Tennessee Tophat, Mississippi Waterfall, Business in Front Party in Rear, etc...
Many redneck women like to rock a she mullet.
by inane February 26, 2005
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Female version the "mullet" hairstyle favored by men in the 1980's, and hicks in the present day. Hair is cut short on the sides of the head, and left long and preferably scraggly in the back.
"Wow, look at that woman wearing the she-mullet!"
by LynnJensen May 26, 2008
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The most unattractive hairstyle for a woman - usually means she is lesbian, fat, poor, or all three. Looks like a normal mullet, but on a female. They'd be better off bald.
Tom:"Dude, that she-mullet is gross!!!"
by Rico Arna May 07, 2006
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a woman of typical southern decent who's hair resembles that of a male NASCAR driver. damn that bitch got a shemullet.
by Brian Finos September 26, 2008
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