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A technical school where everyone is stereotyped by their shop and it is pretty accurate for the most part, almost everyone smokes or drinks, people think its a trend to be bysexual, it is a common occurance to see people in full pokemon costumes and other weird ass clothes, the freshman get freakyer every year, mcas is a huge deal but hardly anyone prepairs for it and still passes, there are pointless bomb threats and everything academics is wicked easy.
you cant walk down the halls of shawsheen tech without being like wtf?
by stonerman yahh July 03, 2010
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The one school where everyday is another adventure, especially for the new freshmen, you make so many new friends from different towns and we have exploratories of our shops. This is the one school where anyone can be themselves and won't get judged a lot by others (Sometimes). There is a LOT of drama and fights but other than that it's like one whole family. We're all freaks, this is the best school I've ever gone to. We're all stereotyped by shops and there are 5 surrounding towns that go to this school. Wilmington, Billerica, Tewksbury, Burlington, and Bedford. It's the type of school you need to be selected or accepted to come into because of 5 towns with 20-40 kids from each. Also we get into spirit for the school and Halloween/Christmas any other fun or good holiday coming up we dress up for!
You mess with one kid, you mess with all of us.

Mr. Buckley is the funniest teacher in Shawsheen Tech!

Holy crap, 1,327 kids in this school this year, that's the most we've ever had!

Omg!! Did she just say what I think she just said? Like omg i'm gonna punch her.

Girl: So what are you being for Halloween? Boy: Obama.! My friend's coming into school tomorrow as McCain and i'm going as Obama. Girl: Cool! I'm going to be an 80's dancer.

Guy: LOL! I love Halloween at this school! Girl: Did you just see the guy in the gorilla suit chasing the guy in the banana costume around the cafeteria!? Guy: Yeah :)
by Culinary Junior<3 May 19, 2011
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