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Shavanna vision and foresight to be able to organize others and to hold positions of responsibility with poise and self-confidence.

This name creates an optimistic outlook on life and favourable conditions in your personal affairs.

You have the ability to express your thoughts and ideas, and you are friendly, likeable, and generous.

You enjoy fun, laughter and congenial association.

This name also gives you an appreciation of art, music, drama, or any of the many forms of expression in the arts.

Since you are quick and fluent in your expression, you have to guard against boastfulness or dominating a situation.
Health Analysis

You are likely a big eater, requiring heavy foods to satisfy your appetite. Overeating can affect the bloodstream, causing it to become overheated. In turn, skin problems could result. There could also be weaknesses in the generative organs.
by Gurda March 18, 2018
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Shavanna is another word for a mouldy penis, its worse than having a disease in the downstairs area. They are not very pleasant.
I have a shavanna, its horrible and painful.
by tigzzz November 03, 2013
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