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The unfortunate sequence of events starting with a sneeze causing a fart and resulting in shitting your pants a little. Or maybe a lot. It is in essence a shart occurring during a sneeze.
Alicia's sharteeze sprayed people in front of her AND behind her.
by E-cubed April 24, 2007
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When one sneezes and sharts at the same time.

Proper Noun:
Explosive diarrhea expelled through the anus during a sneeze.
Sharteezed (pst)

Verb Phrase:
Beotch, I'll sharteeze in yo face.
Becky sharteeze was epic in deed. That shiznit went all over the bathroom wall. Damn girl. I would hate to clean that up. Explosive shart.

A classic sharteeze happened in the movie Hall Pass.
by January 26, 2012
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