A judgment leveled against an otherwise perfectly proportioned, if not slightly trim, and pleasant looking woman. Generally uttered by a male who is way below her class.
Yeah sure she is really nice looking, but I wouldn't hit that. I mean look at those sharp knees!
by Dwight Frank September 30, 2005
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When a woman, specifically a celebrity or actress, is so thin (as to imply she is anorexic) that her knees appear sharp or pointy.
Calista Flockhart has sharp knees.
by the black rabbit April 29, 2005
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The word used for someone who is socially awkward or someone who thinks they are strong. Commonly used as an insult
Person 1: I think that we should talk.

Person 2: no thanks.

Person 3: ok, you have sharp knee caps anyways.
by Smartcatttt January 23, 2021
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