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A propper dumbass
Total cunt

Fag boy

Sharome is someone who kicks puppies and kittens

He is self obsessed

Did I mention he is a cunt?

Worst possible insult to people.
by King Luffy February 12, 2017
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Sharome is a bad bitch that doesn’t take shit from no one. She is kind, very funny, beautiful and usually in a good mood. She talks to and knows everyone and people always look up to her. She always knows what she wants and will go after it no matter how much it takes. Sharome can be very complicated at times though. Some days she’ll be as happy as can be and the others she’ll be a bump on a log. Sharome’s the type of person that will hype you up whenever you need her to. She loves to listen to people talk about themselves but doesn’t really trust a lot of people. But if you ever piss her off you have the next thing going for you. Sharome is this amazing Aquarius gal that just wants to live her life to the fullest.
Person: Sharome is so funny
Friend: I know right!!!
Friend: That’s my girl over there
by perfectstrawberry April 14, 2019
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