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the most bushiest movie of all time. sharks that growl like tigers, strange random people with horns (or a huge pimple), random church scenes, people driving ski-doo's into sharks mouths, most one line cheesy lines of all time, words that don't match the actors mouths, pictures that crop your finger from the shot automatically, telling people not to do sexy things 5000 feet in the ocean, boats with infinite full throttle, the most epic use of the word shit, fake stock footage, random sex scenes (fishing for marlin????), subs with Nintendo controllers and can launch torpedoes somehow that magically detach from the ship.
actual quote in shark attack 3:

girl-im exhausted

guy- yea me too but you know i'm really wired. whatdoya say i take you home and eat your pussy?

cut to sex shower scene...
by datdick May 26, 2011
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