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A ridiculously fictitious telling of a story. Usually told by a g sherm of some sort. the telling of this story must occur in the least sensible of all possible settings and must annoy the listener(s) beyond all sanity. a shark tale would could be something like: "This Italian dude I chill with back home was surfing once, and he got eaten by a shark. The thing swallowed him whole up to his waist so he pulled on its gills and it spit him back out."
Oh man, that g sherm just told me the biggest shark tale. What a stupid little g sherm
by bwaller January 29, 2007
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A Dreamworks movie about a fish who tries to look hip and trendy, but is actually a homeless boy from a car wash. He kills a shark from a gang and then gets screwed over with a female fish. Also a shark (vegetarian) starts living with him. Also has the BEST and CRISPIEST animation on our planet Earth.
Person 1: Ay yo you seen Shark Tale
Person 2: No why?
Person 1: The animation is beautiful

Person 2: No
by Gay Meerkat July 17, 2018
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