Australian slang for a body board (that you lie down on), as opposed to a surfboard (that you stand up on). Derisive term for a body board used by surfboard riders.
She could be a great surfer if only she'd get off that shark biscuit and try a real board.
by BillieBlue November 6, 2013
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1) Aussie slang for a kid at the beach.
For those that require an explanation, understand that some Aussies refer to their children as shark food because they swim in shark infested water.

2) Australian slang for Bodyboarders and inexperienced surfers.
Billy's Mum: Where is Billy?
Billy's Dad: He is swimming in the river inlet.
Billy's Mum: Joe you daft cunt, I fuckin told you not to let him in the river. There have been 3 shark attacks this week in that river.
Billy's Dad: Don't worry he's tough.
Billy's Mum: I'm going to get the Shark Biscuit
Billy's Dad: I need a cold one.

Man 1) Joe is such a shark biscuit, won't even stand up on her board
Man 2) Well at least she is on a surfboard, Terry is on a bodyboard.
by WogBoyBogan April 19, 2019
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