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The greatest boat in the world. Associated with the Alabama, kids usually 9-14 take trips that are a week long. During these trip, children get to swim, clean, have galley duty, and etc. Very fun. You usually meet great kids on the boat and have a wonderful time. The crew is wonderful and some of them are pretty much total babes. I recomend camera's and pens and paper. Cabin 8 is the largest and has cracks in the wall to pass notes. Cabin 8 is also known as the party room. Two dogs often ponder the boat, Bandit and Tank. Tank is shy and Bandit is not. They can fit through portholes too! There's a line chase and I recomend learning your lines. You also learn how to make sailor's bracelets along with flemish coils. AND THERE'S A CANNON THAT WE SET OFF AND YOU CAN HEAR IT EVERYWHERE.
Have you been on the Shanendoah?
by snazailoir August 10, 2006
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