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When a feeling of embarrassment or shame is experienced that is so powerful that it is analogous to an orgasm; shame is to a shamegasm as pleasure is to an orgasm.
When Hannelore, shy and suffering from OCD, was informed that she had been "flashing a lot of underpants action" while playing drums, she had a major shamegasm and was shocked silent for several minutes.

("Shamegasm" was first coined by Jeph Jacques, author of the webcomic Questionable Content)
by Dfreezy July 06, 2009
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When a female porn star actually orgasms during the course of a particularly degrading sex act and gets embarrassed as fuck because everyone makes fun of her for being such an unbelievably dirty fucking whore.
Did you hear Jessica actually came while Rick was pounding her ass and Dean was pissing on her face?

Really?! Did you make fun of her slutty ass?

Yeah, total shamegasm.
by West State March 22, 2014
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