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Shaleen is a beautiful girl very quiet at first but when you get to meet her she is loud and happy. She's also very smart and outgoing knows how to pick friends. However never cross a Shaleen for they are good at revenge.
Bill: why is she so quiet
Jean: she's not she's just shy
Bill: then I would love to get to know shaleen
by Real mrs. Horan January 05, 2014
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Shaleen is a girl who is very outgoing in everything she does. Shaleen never fails to make people around her happy, she's a loveable person and very beautiful indeed. She smart in subjects when she puts her head into it. People may at first think of her as the mean type but once getting to know her, you'll notice she's not at all mean.
Carla: Who's that?
Soniya: That's the new student.
Carla: She does look mean!
Soniya: Well we could be the judge of that once we get to know her innit?
(A Term Later)
Soniya: Shaleen is so NICE!
Carla: You were right about waiting to get to know her.
by Vincërë October 16, 2018
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