-a great thing to yell out loud
-dancing style
SHAKE THAT ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She be shakin' that ass
by fine dime brizzle December 11, 2006
1.To 'Shake' Ones Bum
2.To rotate the pelvis area up and down while dancing
1. Damn! She can shake that Ass!
2. Look at her Shake that ass!
by Kailey V. Ya nigg February 2, 2006
slang for “laughing hard in my bed” used mostly in the comment section of instagram lives past midnight
“you deadass got me shaking my ass right now.”
by los G February 7, 2021
you: are you ready to go?

me: let's shake ass.
by deluna June 30, 2006
when a female needs a favor, she can (literally or figuratively) shake a little ass. this means she can offer herself or something else of interest in exchange for this favor.
Aesha: damn, Tasha i really wanna go to the movies but i need a ride...

Tasha: damn, you better shake a little ass!
by moonlight! June 27, 2011
A very popular toast when things are looking good or everyone is having a good time.
Here's to Clinking Glasses and Shaking Asses - after 8 hours of wine tasting in Napa, EVERYONE was having a good time...
by b.hanback June 10, 2008