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Shakayla- An early Latin phrase usually meaning 'strong-willed' or 'leading'. A website on the internet sudjests that 'Shakayla' was originated from Shakila, meaning 'pretty'. Shakayla has been and still is used as a name, though not common. Those named Shakayla are usually quite happy and are often rather broad-minded. They generally enjoy being the centre of attention and are not withdrawn from happenings that occur in front of an audience. Although Shakayla's can be cutting and/or good at being verbally abusive, sarcastic and rude, they are often true to their word and would always be there for friends and family. Shakayla's are often eccentric and weird.
1. Hey, look its Shakayla!

2. Oh my gosh, Shakayla is just so weird...
by Argenschnide! August 24, 2010
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