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A black man who's skin tone is so dark that it is practically impossible to differentiate him from the shadows. He has the ability to recede into obscurity and disappear into his own dimension. Since he is a shadow master, it is impossible to say if he is following his shadow or if his shadow is following him, if he even possesses a shadow. At night, there is no discernible way or method to follow a shadow master, and the only way to detect him is by his smile, if he takes good care of his ivory teeth. They normally travel in small packs, and they have formed a sort of brotherhood throughout the centuries, having all originated from the same tribe. They are easily noticeable in contrast with other black males, which have not quite reached and probably never will reach this level of mastery of melanin. Everyone has at least once in their lives been in the presence of a shadow master, and you can feel the extreme levels of darkness radiating from their body. When engaged in a social situation with a shadow master, it is wise to be gracious and accept their differences, even though the initial shock might cause a little tension during the opening words of the conversation. Despite their sometimes terrifying appearance, they are generally quite friendly and will gradually enlighten their skin tone, even though it is just a bit. This process happens to reassure the other that he shall not be dragged into the infinite darkness of a shadow master's realm. Don not fuck with them.
Tips: Do not push a shadow master's patience too far, and do not attempt to become his friend, as their groups are very closed and reclusive. To enter a shadow master's tribe, he must choose you. And deep in your heart, no matter how much he may seem to finally accept you, you will never be a shadow master.
by neckkilla May 16, 2011
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