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The act of discriminating based on how sexy someone is.
BOSS: Go help that woman.
EMPLOYEE: Nah man that bitch is ugly.
BOSS: Hey we have store policy against sexyism here!
by odleadstocker June 03, 2007
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A word often used in times when no other word could possibly capture the complete uber sexiness of a person/object/situation. The word often doesn't fit the sentence which it is being used in.
~ness: a further description/addition if the speaker does not feel as though the original noun is powerful enough.
~nessed: the most compelling synonym that could possibly be used and probably the most popular also.
sexyism- I am living sexyism.
sexyismness- The sexyismness of (noun) is unbearable.
sexyismnessed- Everyone knew he was always sexyismnessed.
by Ghandi-Lad September 23, 2009
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Anon: Hello.
Hax: Not right now, I'm meditating.
Anon: I've never seen that kind of meditation before. What religion?
Hax: Sexyism.
Anon: What's that?
Hax: It's the religion about something that's not you.
by Eric the Hax June 05, 2010
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