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First, the male ejaculates in the female's mouth. The female proceeds to spit the ejaculate in the male's ass. The male then stands up, holding the ejaculate firmly in his butthole, waddles around then releases the ejaculate in the female's mouth.
Jim likes to sexy penguin with his girl.
by TheDayWalker89 July 09, 2010
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A rare, extremely beautiful and talented bird. Happiest in sunny climates, preferably those where refreshing drinks are close at hand. Particularly fond of fruit juices, especially apples; if vodka is involved, all the better.

Most often found in the coolest parts of Europe such as Krakow, Dublin and Amsterdam frequenting galleries and the funkier pubs and bars.

The sexy penguin can often be seen with a monkey companion, (of a partially reddish, ginger hue) who loves her completely. Other companions often include the lesser spotted, North American Maer Bear.

Sexy penguin is a founding member of The Cool Kids and Queen of the Last Ones Up.
"Look, it's sexy penguin, isn't she beautiful?"

"I wish sexy penguin was here, parties aren't the same without her."

"Man, that sexy penguin makes a tasty pizza!"
by Declan A May 09, 2008
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