The most dope ass hip hop duo ever! It consists of Mikey Rocks who is from Chicago and Chuck Inglish who is from Detroit. They Dress like fucking ballers and are the shit. Their first big song, Black Mags, is a song about there bike that was first featured on a Rhapsody commercial. It is amazing.
"The Cool Kids are the shit!"
"Yeah dude I would hit that if I was a woman"
by Chippermonkey January 20, 2008
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That twat everyone wanted to murder in school due to his/her massively inflated ego, self-obsessiveness and downright sadism. Generally the bully, and often has repressed issues of their own, they are driven insane by the voices in their head telling them to be a conformist, and so drive everyone around them insane by doing the same thing, and yet ironically promotes himself/herself under the nebulous moniker of a "rebel". Murderer of self-worth, dignity, individualism and everything a modern society professes to stand for, yet promoted in the media and society in general as a great role model. Generally fails in life due to thinking they were too "cool" to get a job, or a house, or a source of income, and more often than not forced by terrible circumstances to work for the very nerds they were bullying. Listens to mediocre and downright bad pop music, and, assuming the pop to stand for popular, not populist, he/she forces his/her (lack of) taste onto other people. An all-round arrogant, sadistic tosser that should never have been let out of the asylum.
I don't need an example; you all know who I'm talking about. Make a stand, people; together, you can destroy pop culture, and be done with the cool kids forever!
by Trollbeast August 10, 2012
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A kid who thinks they are cool!
-cool kid
by that little reggid March 12, 2019
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The kid/kids that everyone meets in high school that have nothing better to do than flex in the mirror, fake their depression, very badly lip sync songs, play rust, get tattoos in some Asian countries, vape, cheat on their girlfriend (multiple times), flirt with everything that moves or breaths (Girls only) and most importantly look like lesbians
by Cono12 December 18, 2018
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Selome. Wherever Selome is at, that's where the cool kids are at.
Selome is studying at Newman, so that's where all the cool kids are at.
by DylanSchiff May 10, 2010
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When a someone under 18 is as cool as a cucumber and wears snazzy sunglasses
Person A: Omg who is THAT?
Person B: Omg it's the Cool Kid
Person A: Love those sunglasses
by Drawer gang November 7, 2018
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Characteristics of "the cool kids": have an ongoing quote wall, know their hogwarts house, are awesome at chair races, friendly, accepting, most people are jealous of them.
The cool kids are the people at Berkeley that study at Firs Pres and go to yogurt park late at night.

You know that kid Chris? I head he's going to get yogurt tonight. He's one of the cool kids.
by iwannabecool May 14, 2010
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