n. - a mix between "festivity" "activity" and "sex," sextivity is prolonged sexual activity followed by lots and lots of naked cuddling, typically followed by more sex.
"Yeah, last weekend was full of sextivity - my girlfriend spent the night."
by jay rad September 17, 2007
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referring to a great amount of sex, sex games, spread out in a wide variety of places for an extended period of time. A festival of sex.
Apon returning home from Iraq, I found my beautiful girlfriend waiting to begin the sextivities. We enjoyed a three day sextival together, to make up for lost time.
by Gaeta B00ts July 29, 2009
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Might have a night in with the mrs... boring! no mate we're going to have some sextivities, itl be a blast
by Charlxxe February 11, 2020
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