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A sexpottle, much like a sexpot (a term from which the former's name is partly derived), is an attractive young woman. This is where the similarities end, unless you want to go into stupid details like "oh, they're both words". Controversy rages over both whether the word refers to a sexpot who is also a sexkettle or a sexpot who is also a chipotle, and abortion.
Guy 1: Whoa, check out the total foxpettle at 12 o'clock, dude!
Guy 2: The word's sexpottle, stooge. What the fuck, foxpetal? Okay, maybe a flower with petals that looked like a fox would be kind of--
Guy 1: No dude, foxpettle. Like ... pettle - P-E-T-T-L-E - a fox.
Guy 2: What the fuck is pettle?
Guy 1: Just fucking forget it, man. Okay the chick's hot is what I was saying..
Guy 2: That's a dude...
by cool_walking_ September 03, 2009
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