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The mix of sperm, vaginal juices, sweat, lubracation and other such liquids that are frequently (and infrequently) found during the act of intercorse. Depending of the liquids found this "sexgoo" can be multi-colored and more or less viscous.

WARNING: The "sexgoo" should only be sampled by those with the strongest stomics, as the full effects of the goo are unknown. What is known that it has the ability to make normal inbibers vomit, and cause mass blocks of time to be lost.
Dow: Bill, where the fuck were you yesterday?

Bill: I dont know, i tried some sexgoo and the next thing i knew: i was in a bed with a Ox three pigs half a bowl of cheese-its and a blow-up-doll of a female Dennis Leery with hail Hitler scribed on her...

Dow: We better get you to the hospital!
by Fugget McDoogle December 12, 2006
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