This is a genetic abnormality that does not have to do with being gay, lesbian, etc. This abnormality is seen when the XY or XX chromosomes have more than the usual X and Ys. This can lead to infertility in males or females and physical traits not normally of that sex. For more information, check the page on biology. about. com about Sex Chromosome Abnormalities.
Sex-chromosome anomaly (abnormalities) are a result of chromosome mutations.
by Phoebe Jones May 10, 2016
Something that doesn't exist
There's NO such thing as a sex-chromosome anomaly. Being gay, or lesbian isn't a disease, or a deformity, no matter what people say, there's no need to make excuses for why people are gay, especially if you're truly proud to be gay or lesbian
by Ron tha Don June 30, 2014