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When playing pool (english) if the black is sunk whilst one player still has all seven of his/her balls on the table, he/she must play the next game naked.
(some play so you only drop your trousers and underwear, or for girls, take your top and bra off)
see also six balled and five balled
"HAH! i seven balled you! get your clothes off sucker!"
"oh shit!"

"oh man, he seven balled me yesterday, everyone saw my cock"
"lol you got pwnt"
by fggg February 27, 2006
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If you play pool (english), and you sink the 8-ball with seven balls on the table, and whoever sunk the 8-ball must play the next game NUDE!
Guy: *sinks 8 ball* Shit! I still have seven balls on the table!
Other guy: HAHA! Take the clothes off.

The next day:
Guy to friend: I was seven balled last night. The other guys saw my cock.
Friend: Oh god!
by KD545 June 05, 2007
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