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1. Commonly used as a greeting from one bro to another. Can also mean "what's up"
2. Used to express understanding
3. Used to mock someone.
4. When accompanied with a ?, used to ask someone to re-explain or reiterate what they just said
5. Literally just used to irritate someone
1. Chris: "Seup dude"

James: "Oh, seeeeup? How've you been?"
2. Chris: "So that's how you take the derivative of e"
James: "Ohhh. Seeeup"
3. Chris: "You're an asshole"
James: "Seup."
4. Chris: "What's the integral of this?"
James: "Seup?"
5. Nisha: "so then I.."
by seupskis January 19, 2012
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