A request to buy the speaker a drink.
"That one scene's bought me a thousand drinks. Set me up and I'll tell it for you, friend." (Bruce Springsteen, "Western Stars")
by Wapt July 23, 2019
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Originally uttered by former DC mayor and current DC councilmember Marion Barry when caught by the FBI in a hotel room with crack and a prostitute in 1990. (He was still elected.) Now a catchphrase used occasionally by DC locals to express discontent with a situation, or to remind people that we had the original crack mayor - 20+ years before Toronto.
Marion Barry (1990): "Bitch set me up... shouldn't have come here... goddamn bitch."

DC local (now): "Red line is singletracking again? Kill! The bitch set me up..."
by rhadioheade June 30, 2014
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