having an eye infection (because of a soccerball, if you're cool)

usally a green eye with a blue iris, and mostly found on 10-20 year olds, but is mostly used as a joke to make fun of the fans of jacksepticeye..
1: "AHH!! why did you just hit me?? ;-;"
2: "because... I AM THE SEPTIC EYE!!"
1: "man your a total jerk."
2: "MWAHAHAHA" -runs away laughing-
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by Lenney McMemer May 16, 2018
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Jacksepticeye's loyal sidekick. Sometimes called Septic Sam, Sam, or Septiceye Sam. He is a loveable mascot for all Jcksepticeye fans.
Person 1: Hey, do you watch Jacksepticeye?
Person 2: Yeah, why?
Person 3: SEPTIC EYE BAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Person 1&2: YASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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by EddySuth135IsBae June 14, 2018
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butt hole. it draws the comparison that the butt hole resembles an the pupil and iris and voids the human body's septic.
I just ate so much taco bell. I am going to have a bad time emptying the septic eye later.
by Lou Pottingsworth III May 10, 2016
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