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A beautiful girl who is from the origins of iran. Known for exotic eyes and beautiful hair. Majority times a female with the name Sepideh has a very kind and gentle heart. Girls like Sepideh stand up for what they believe in and do not fear anyone. Sepideh's appearance is so attractive she could be spotted from miles away. Girls have a tendency to hate Sepideh for always stealing the spot light.
Sepideh is like a Pearl found in the sea, its hard to find.
by itsmeow September 15, 2013
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the most coolest perosn in the world can dance better than anyone in the room !
sepideh is the most awsomeest girl
by toboko2795 October 12, 2008
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Sepideh is the greatest girl in iranian nation who has the most beautiful eyes & the kindest heart ever can anybody see.
Sepideh is famous for the time when she eat food.
Sepideh is also cute,chubby & attractive who made amirali the happiest person in the world that he want spend rest of his life with her.
No on can't imagine the depth of deliverance that is in the amirali's heart to have the lady who named sepideh.
AmirAli:ma love, let's go to baraghan and have a great zereshk polo as lunch
Sepideh:such a wow. Very well aghamoon!
by AmirAliOfAllTime August 17, 2018
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A nice and stupid girl with brown eyes and brown hairs. She is who do multi beauty oprations on her face. Beacuse she is week.
by meridentalism August 17, 2018
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A Persian name meaning "a white matter, white egg, and many other white or shiny things".
It's usually name of non-white, brown skin girls in Iran that have the delusion of being white.(probably resulted from parents and friends lies to give her pseudo confidence).

They always deny being brown and sometimes insist on getting Browner by suntanning. But that's a fake neurotic-hysteric reaction to the fact that she is brown and jealous of white skin people. They'd go further and change their dark hair color to blonde or any color not meant for brown or black people. That'll make them look exactly like healthy human shit ( pokh ) and turn this pathological process into a non-treatable genetic disorder.
Another proof: despite claiming they aren't brown and they want to get darker, their profile pics or posted photos on social media are swimming in filters that aggressively brighten the picture.
A: she is a Sepideh.

B: so she is not "sepid" (white).
A: Do you see any other reason naming her "sepideh"?
by Nakhoda August 17, 2018
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