A member of the U.S. Navy that can pretty much do whatever they what and get away with it due to their appointment by congress.
Senior chief totally got a blow job in the office last week from a junior sailor. Cant do shit though cause he's a senior chief.

Sailor: Senior, why are you still trying to stay in the Navy after 20 years?

Senior Chief: Cause I love fucking younger girls and I'm to much of a jabroni to hack it in the real world.
by joe navy sailor October 16, 2007
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Enlisted Rank 8 of the United States Navy. They are filled with a seething hatred for all life and forms of enjoyment. Virtually indestructible and capable of killing a terrorist from >4miles away with a single 'chief hand'.
I was strolling up the spine today with my cover off in my N dubs and a senior chief showed up out of nowhere. never again...

"Did you see that senior chief wrestle that alligator last week? now he's got super sat boots. "
"No way!Man I wish I was that BAMF"
by Not a Chief January 10, 2012
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A senior enlisted TACAMITE veteran of the United States Navy. A silver-tongued devil that has mastered the use of the English language. His quips are usually directed towards others who may be arrogant, stupid or careless enough to attempt to challenge the TACAMO Jedi of Jargon to a verbal war of words. Warning: Do not challenge him, you will lose. Although usually unprovoked, he sometimes enjoys luring Junior Officers and Chief Petty Officer selectees into a well placed linguistic trap.
Did you hear that Chief pull a "Senior Chief Cummings" on that Lieutenant? He probably won't leave the Wardroom for days.
by Black Shoe December 10, 2010
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Senior Chief John Loe speaks fluent Braille.

Senior Chief John Loe killed two stones with one bird.

Senior Chief John Loe one threw a grenade and killed 20 men, then it exploded.
Chief John Loe doesn’t do push-ups, he simply moves the planet away from him and pulls it back.
When Senior Chief John Loe orders a rare steak they bring him unicorn.
by InferiorToChiefJohnLoe June 17, 2021
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