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Female ned. Can be found sporting spiral perm, baby buggy, large chain with name on and various large gold rings.
See also hairy
Ahm gonnae cunt that wee senga bastard.
by Mad FUCKING Wullie June 03, 2004

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Not hard; Scottish for soft.
Aw man ah cannae munch they biscuits, they're aw pure saft as fuck
by Mad FUCKING Wullie June 03, 2004

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A word many would do well to look up in an actual FUCKING dictionary.

NOT Communism.

Socialism can be seen in many Western European countries working very well.

It involves being taxed proportionally to how much you earn, a free, or semi-subsidised health service, a minimum wage, decent social security and many many other benefits to society.
Many American's instantly rubbish socialism becuase during the cold war their government and education system brainwashed them into believing that Socialism=Communism.

These same Americans now find themselves unable to pay for medical treatment and having to work 3 jobs in order to stay above the poverty line.

Remember kids, Socialsm DOES NOT EQUAL Communism.
by Mad FUCKING Wullie June 04, 2004

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