A: I asked her to send memes but she was Turkish, so she blocked me
B: lmfao!!!!
by lastZedi177 November 24, 2021
Said when it is three in the morning and you are bored but also happen to be texting an acquaintance
Dude: send memes

Other dude: sends cursed image of Satan eating the souls of the innocent instead which comes to life and starts eating souls and both God and Jesus happened to be asleep so everyone fucking died
by Nanner69420 July 18, 2020
The absolute worst pirate crew to exist. Lead by the leader, HoggyThePig(No one knew his name). Rumors still go around saying this crew still terrorizes children.
A: Have you heard of the send memes pirate crew?
B: OMG They were so stupid! Except for MrMoled.
by Ace from Space November 5, 2020