The ugliest shit hole to ever exist, ppl ain’t know how to throw away their pads and shi. DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE WAY NONE OF EM FLUSH. but overall fun ash
“You know tyler?.”
“Ya he nasty as hell, why?”
“he goes to seminole middle school
by deez nutz are fat September 8, 2021
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Seminole Territory is the penninsula on the South-Eastern coastline of North America. This flourishing land has been cared for properly since the beganing times. The Seminole & Black Seminoles protect this important part of the planet. They have never went into a treaty for this land! They have always remained selfsufficiant due to their unique mindset. The Seminoles were in the territory creating God to guide black slaves to freedom there. Thus, the tribe expanded to include the Black Seminoles. The white man came to search for the non-lazy creation and was told if they're here, find them. The devil worshipers could not tell the difference between our peoples and the freed slaves watched them as they aimlessly wandered. The Black Seminoles brought more prosperity to the territory as animals, the land, and the weather became ideal yearound. We are proud and have never been anything but feared to those who encounter us. The devil worshiper's always donate their money; CASH ONLY! The small amount ever used was to house the amounts of bills. OUR PEOPLE always slept with your daughter's & wives while you are here being "privelaged" This set apart territory houses generations of unique warriors; the devil tried to poison those not in the marshlands, the warriors are proud to poison your people as well. The Xannex Epidemic; Promrthazine w/ Codine. To keep the donaters constant the sports dept has always went 80-85% against those untrusted! We're not sorry!!! "It was our privalge"
The Seminole Territory is never called florida amoungst those WHO ARE PROUD!
by ThyRealest February 12, 2017
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