An asian woman that sells out her race by going out with a white man.
*asian woman walks into In-n-out with a white man*
"Oh no, Matt just died because he saw a sellout."
by Brian S M May 04, 2006
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An Asian or Black who hates their ethnic identity and wants desperately to assimilate into White American WASP culture. Usually wears Abercrombie and Fitch and dates Whites only.
I hate sellouts.
by Moo Goo Gai Pan December 31, 2003
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A musian or musical group that switches from their usuall sound just to be more radio-friendly. It can also mean someone who is too popular for their own good.
Eminem is a great example of a sell-out.
by weirdgirl June 18, 2003
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what people call an artist who is doing good for themselves when they should be happy for them.
WOW alot of people like greenday... I guess I should hate them so i can look different.
retard: greenday are sellouts.
Me: they are just doing good for themselves you idiot.
(me kills retarded kid) haha bitch.. oh woops he was special.
by jimmy sunshine September 15, 2005
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The word sell out usually refers to an artist who gains popularity for what they do best,but as they climb the ladder to fame they forget what they stand for and there art becomes more business than art. Doing what ever it takes to earn money.
Blink 182- became commercialized after switching drummers started selling books about them and produced signature guitars.
Limpbizkit- Durst stopped writing music for expression (choclate star fish) and mad music that he believe would bring the sucess
by Mysci April 04, 2003
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a musician who entertains the financial fruits of their labors by expanding the market of their music, newly liberated to move out of their apartment, trailer, parents house, versus pandering to the "underground" "pure" musical sensibilities of their audience, who in all likelihood NEVER will move out of their apartment, trailer, or parents house.
Johnny just cashed a huge check from -insert big label here- and suddenly we dont see him shopping here at Hot Topic much anymore!
by randy July 25, 2003
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