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When you take a ridiculous amount of selfies on someone else's iPhone
Me: Quick hide the phone! She's coming back and I've only taken 2000 selfies!

Friend: You gave me a selfie bomb!?!?

Me: Shit
by fuckingmeanestperson December 17, 2013
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A selfie bomb is when you take a picture of yourself when something random, funny, stupid, awesome, or amazing is occurring in the background and you then post it to a social media site.

For instance take a selfie bomb when:

Your friend is passed out drunk with a dick drawn on his face

2 random people are making out on a park bench

Your Grandpa is asleep on the lazy-boy with his dentures half falling out and drool all over his shirt

You're robbing a convenience store

You are at the buffet and you see a fat ass carrying 2 plates

Right after sex
"She still denies it, but I selfie bombed that ho after we fucked"

"I just selfie bombed this bitch at Walmart with 10 kids and a fat roll hanging out her wife-beater"
by LOLDYNAMISM June 17, 2014
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When a group of people decide to take a lot of selfies in a short period of time.
Squad Member: "SELFIE BOMB!"
Squad: *Pull out phones and start taking selfies randomly*
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by Antwon The God September 19, 2016
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Selfie Bomb. (noun) A selfie taken on someone else's phone without the knowledge of the phone's owner.
My colleague left a selfie bomb of himself on my iPhone.

My son is infatuated with my iPad and leaves selfie bombs all the time.
by Changolicious January 15, 2014
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