An excuse to do things so out of the norm that they are never considered by 'normal' people.
Dude, that guy's got like a kilo of stainless steel hanging from his face! That's Gross!

No, dude. It's his form of self-expression!
by Anonymous September 9, 2003
the primary excuse for the acts of an artist
the photographic exhibition of metal objects hung on his dick was a show of self expression
by clunky_dozer September 8, 2003
the act of doing the same thing as everyone else. let's admit it people everyone does it the same way.
self expression is a load of crap
by coochiecrook503 September 7, 2003
You've got to be kidding.
This is stupid.
There's nothing urban about this thing.
See above
by same genius in Athens Georgia September 10, 2003